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Whether it is a small single door and window or a million-dollar project contract, it is our uncompromised quality that always speaks for our services. No matter how much shorter the deadline span be, when you are with Preetam Poly Windows, be rest assured that the products are released only after a stringent quality check.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the unmatched standards of product quality we serve every time on every delivery with conviction. Preetam Poly Windows is leading uPVC Doors and uPVC Windows Supplier in Ahmedabad and the best uPVC Windows and uPVC Doors Manufacturers in Gujarat.

Sound Insulation

Made from seamlessly welded special locking and gasket-lead system for a smooth installation and sound proofing.

Weather Resistance

Our products come with high-end whether resistibility which makes them low cost in the maintenance front. We use special UV stabilizing and heat stabilizing surfaces for reducing the perpetual cost of re-polishing or repainting.

Termite Resistance

Termite borers are probably the biggest issue to deal with when it comes to pvc doors and windows. But when you have paired up with Preetam Poly Windows a guarantee resistance on termites and pests is what you get.

Rainfall Resistance

Products built with special drainage system making them absolutely resistant in moderate to heavy rainfall basis.

Air Conditioning

We make our products poor thermal conductors and electricity conductors thus making them an apt choice for fully air conditioned rooms and areas. Also such state-of-the-art technology helps in reducing the electricity cost for a considerable extent.

Wind Resistance

Our multi chambered wind resistance technology helps in keeping the whistling noise and wind sound completely outside.

A sneak peek on the entourage of our products:

  • UPVC Fixed Windows
  • UPVC Casement Windows
  • UPVC Casement Doors
  • UPVC French Windows

  • UPVC French Doors
  • UPVC Sliding Windows & Doors
  • UPVC Sliding & Folding Windows
  • UPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

  • UPVC Lift & Slide Windows
  • UPVC Lift & Slide Doors
  • UPVC Vertical Sliding Windows

Along with our mentioned list, we have customised products with unmatched qualities and a round the clock customer service desk for help and assistance anywhere anytime.