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Why Choose Preetam Poly Windows?

Fabricator and Manufacturer of uPVC Doors and Windows

Hailing from Gujarat from the year 2009 onwards we have worked relentlessly towards achieving excellence in the domain of uPVC doors and windows. And it is our hard work and drives towards achieving a premium quality that leads to the crafting of our doors and windows. And in case you are thinking of why to hire here are a few reasons on what makes us better than the rest. Preetam Poly Windows has relentless excellence in the domain of uPVC Doors Fabricator in Ahmedabad and uPVC Windows Fabricator in Ahmedabad and uPVC Window Manufacturers in Gujarat and uPVC Door Manufacturers in Gujarat.

UPVC Openable Windows

Our Products USP

Our uPVC doors and windows are made of uncompromised quality and sleek design making them an enticing item to choose for. Some of our products USP includes:

  • Sound insulation proof for seamless welding and excellent sound insulation
  • Built with special rainfall resistance system which are effective in moderate to heavy rainfall
  • Resistant to wind
  • Resistant to termites and others insects

  • Surface of doors and windows made with UV and heat stabilizing agents so that you don’t need any regular re-polishing or repainting
  • Power saver as the products are poor power saver
  • Low maintenance as it doesn’t require regular painting or polishing



We take honour and pride in declaring that our efficiency and agility in designing the uPVC doors and windows is one of our biggest USP. When we start a project with our clients, it becomes our commitment to follow the deadlines and deliver the products within time. However, it should be mentioned that we never compromise on the quality of our products


When we peer up with you it’s our duty to walk you through the steps during the entire process. We have handpicked specialists having expertise of state of the art installation skills. So be rest assured when you are with Preetam Poly Windowsfrom designing to installation, we have got you all covered.


Our team of dedicated customer service agents are ready to help you round-the-clock to quench any kind of queries, complaints or questions within least possible processing time.



Provide discussion information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.