Why uPVC Doors?

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Why uPVC Doors?


If you are recently planning for building construction or thinking about some restoration work, the confusion might arise with whether to go for traditional window framing or to go the modern next generation, then here’s a take to help you out for the right choice. Preetam Poly Windows is no.1 uPVC Doors Suppliers in Ahmedabad and one of the best uPVC Doors Manufacturers in Gujarat.

Durable & Long Lasting

Who doesn’t like a door that has the same polish and glaze for years without polishing or repainting? Sounds farfetched? Well with uPVC doors it is quite possible. There resistant and polished surfaces comes with special coatings which unlike wooden frames doesn’t need regular painting.
Even cleaning of such surfaces is easy as these are generally resistant to rot and water. So just take some water and detergents and restore the glaze back.


These extremely sleek frames are made from PVCs hence extremely environment friendly. As well as they can be recycled and reused.

Rainfall Resistance

How about a door which keeps the heat inside and cold out during winters and vice versa. Well your uPVC doors can provide you with such features along with dual side insulation for ultimate cooling.

Air Conditioning

These sleek little products come with resistance to heat, electricity, wind, terminates and all other vermin or infestations.
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